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MeteMAN® – Special Purpose Machine MeteMAN vulcanizing machine.

The MeteMAN is a customised special purpose machine which we design, build and supply based on your needs on a turnkey basis. The MeteMAN special purpose machine solves the problems in your company’s production line or unit, or via maintenance, regardless of the field of industry. We guarantee that our machine or automation solution is high-class, durable and user-friendly.

Every function and feature in a MeteMAN machine is customised according to your needs. Wherever possible, we aim to offer you a solution that exceeds your expectations. After mutual discussions and planning, we will take on overall responsibility for the project and carry it out, letting you concentrate on your core competencies.

MeteMAN’s key features

The MeteMAN has many faces. It can be a production machine equipped with features you won’t get from a standard machine. The control system can be an integrated PC control which enables the machine to be attached to your company’s production management system. Other key features include:

  • Control system by Siemens or Beckhoff
  • Recipes
  • Data acquisition
  • Different user levels
  • Remote access
  • Servo motors
  • Robot integrations
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • CE marking

MeteMAN - circular saw.
The MeteMAN is a solution for production bottlenecks of any size to which you haven’t yet found a ready-made solution. As a guarantee of quality, we offer a longer warranty on MeteMANs than standard in our industry.

For parts we guarantee availability for 10 years. MeteMAN machines are designed to function in as maintenance-free a way as possible, but we do provide maintenance support if necessary.

MeteMAN special purpose machines as a turnkey solution include:

  • Pre-planning (3D modelling and technical analysis)
  • Electrical wiring design and mechanical design
  • Building and assembly
  • Electrical enclosure manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Coding
  • User interface
  • Testing and a trial run
  • User training
  • Documentation

We value enduring customer relationships, so in addition to remote access we are ready to assist you with the machine throughout its life cycle in any way we can.
Automatic punching machine.

For very demanding automation needs, we recommend MetePRE preplanning, which provides you with exact information on your investment’s economic aspects, technical details and benefits to your company.

You get a MeteMAN special purpose machine from us with:

• one price, one delivery time and one supplier 


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“MeteMAN – to optimise your production.”


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